Geography Answer Writing Practice 2019

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Geography Answer Writing Practice (GAWP) 2019

We are happy to inform all the Geography Optional aspirants that the team StudyVillae launching the Geography Answer Writing Practice (GAWP). It is a 111-day program to cover the entire optional syllabus in a creative and comprehensive manner. It has been crafted in such a way that the massive geography syllabus is micro-planned on day basis in an integrated manner (GS+Optional+Contemporary).

It ensures consistent and active participation of the aspirants, and just by investing 3-4 hours from your daily routine, you can maximize your output. The only thing required from your side is dedication and commitment towards this plan. If you conscientiously follow this initiative, we can assure you that the chances of increasing your scores would be for sure.


Features of the GAWP.

  • The program runs in two phases i.e.
  • Phase-I will run from 1st Nov-2018 to 20th February 2019., and Phase-II will be after prelims.
  • The program runs 5 days in a week and will be off on Saturday and Sunday (these two days can be used by aspirants for revision, to cover backlog syllabus etc.).
  • The geography syllabus is micro planned on day basis and questions are posted based on the syllabus of the day.
  • Daily 5 questions will be posted (morning before 9.00am), and aspirants must write answers and requested to post them (either typed in the comment box or in image, docx, pdf etc format).
  • Feedback will be given in the form of top 5 answers from among the answers written by aspirants.
  • The synopsis for each question (total 25 questions of the 5 days) will be provided every Saturday after 9.00pm.
  • We also cover each and every question from the last 15 years.


Based on the need of examination and analysis of previous year questions the questions will be provided in the following format.

Question 1.  It is based on Indian map work entries, requires to location and a brief description (the map entries will be both from books and from the places, rivers, etc which are in news recently).

Few Examples from news/current affairs-

Tharangambadi (2015) was frequently in news. It is significant from the point of culture and physical geography.

Mawlynnong (2018) was also in news (two months before exams) for Being declared the ‘cleanest village’ in Asia.


Question 2. This question is based on the important concepts and terms related to the syllabus mentioned in the 111-day plan.

Example of terminologies

  • geomorphic processes
  • frontogenesis
  • weather instability.
  • Hydrologic cycle


Question 3. This question is based on theories/concepts and it is straight forward question.


Explain the origin, progress and retreat of of Indian monsoon and discuss its impact on the Indian economy. (2018)


Question 4. This question is based on the application part of the theory or concept.


“Geomorphological changes are largely responsible for environmental hazards in the Himalayan region.” Comment with relevant examples. (2018)


Question 5. This question is based on current affairs (from The Hindu, Geography and You, Down To Earth and Yojana and Kurukshetra).


Explain the unusual intensity of dust storms and thunder storms across India in the pre-monsoon period of year 2018.


The review and feedback part

The team at StudyVillae reviews your answers by taking into account the following factors:

  • Understanding and interpretation of the question.
  • Familiarity/knowledge of the concept being asked.
  • The way of presentation of the answer.
  • Use of schematic maps, flowcharts and diagrams.
  • Use of examples, data, statistics and case studies to support the answer.
  • Last but not the least word limit.


How to actively participate in the program?

You can upload snapshots of your answers by taking a picture of your answer. The picture quality should be clear and sharp. You can also type your answers in the comment box.

The answers which are in high quality image format or typed in the comment box will attract the evaluators. Poor quality images will not be evaluated. The answers with lot of typos and grammatical errors will also be not evaluated.

Any answer that is uploaded after 9 pm won’t be evaluated.

We strongly encourage aspirants to actively engage in discussion and review of each answers.

We also caution aspirants not to waste time in discussing unnecessary things in the platform. Because your time has value, and it is scarce for upsc aspirants. So, use it frugally.

The only request that we have from you is to spread the word to your fellow aspirants so that the fruits of our efforts are shared by those who need them the most. And the you will also get the unique and best answers from the participants which enables you to enlarge your knowledge base.

The detailed schedule for the Paper-1 is here.


Final words

The team StudyVillae expects you to take full advantage of this initiative. Be regular, sincere and confident. We are with you in your journey.


All the best


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