Geography Answer Writing Day-18

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GAWP 2019 Day-18


Geography Answer Writing Day-18 questions based on sub-topic soil.

Q.1) On the outline map of India, mark the location of all the following. Write the significance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/economic/ecological/ environmental/cultural, in not more than 30 words for each entry.: (2 x 5 =10 marks)

  1. Sentinel island
  2. Coimbatore
  3. Mathikettan Shola National Park
  4. Kolar Gold Fields (KGF)
  5. Balaghat

Q.2) Explain the following terminologies in about 50 words each: (5 x 5 =25 marks)

  1. Soil profile
  2. Soil erosion
  3. Ravines
  4. Splash erosion
  5. Soil degradation

Q.3) Define soil profile. Explain the soil profile of zonal and azonal soils with examples. (20 marks)


Q.4) Soil degradation is a major threat to the ecosystem of the region. Elucidate. Also suggest measures to control the soil degradation. (15 marks)

Q.5) What is soilless agriculture? Examine how can it ensure the food security?  (15 marks)