Geography Answer Writing Program Phase-2

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We are happy to inform all the Geography Optional aspirants that phase-2 of the GAWP 2019 will begin on 17th June 2019. It is a 75-day program to cover the entire optional syllabus in a creative and comprehensive manner. It has been crafted in such a way that the massive geography syllabus is micro-planned on a daily basis in an integrated manner (GS+Optional+Contemporary).  

It ensures consistent and active participation of the aspirants, and just by investing 5-6 hours from your daily routine, you can maximize your output. The only thing required from your side is dedication and commitment towards this plan. If you conscientiously follow this initiative, we can assure you that the chances of increasing your scores would be for sure.

Features of the GAWP Phase-2.

  • The program runs 6 days in a week and will be off on Sunday (on Sunday map entries will be given which aspirants are required to practice).
  • The geography syllabus is micro planned on daily basis and questions are posted based on the syllabus of the day.
  • Daily 5 questions will be posted (morning before 9.00am), and aspirants must write answers and requested to post them (either typed in the comment box or in the image, docx, pdf etc format).
  • The synopsis for each question (total 30 questions of the 6 days) will be provided with every Saturday after 9.00pm.
  • The pending synopsis of the Phase-1 will also be uploaded simultaneously.
  • We also cover each and every question from the last 15 years.
  • Due to administrative reasons, we will not be able to provide feedback.

Click here to download the detailed schedule of the GAWP Phase-2