Read Think and Write P-2 Day-14 Case Study

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You are a strict boss and a no-nonsense man who is known to get things done whatever it takes to do so. These days you and your team are working on a very important and sensitive project whose completion deadline is nearing, and a lot still needs to be done. This has made you even stricter and dedicated to your work and you as well as your team are putting in a lot of effort to meet the deadline at any cost. You happen to notice that one of your team’s assistant manager Nayana is visibly sad today and is not able to focus on her work properly. You scold her once and ask her to pay proper attention to work. During the evening tea break you find Nayana crying at her desk. You are immediately concerned about this and speak to her about the matter. She tells you that it’s her daughter’s birthday today and she wanted her mother to be home early and also get her a special gift which Nayana is not able to arrange due to her busy work schedule. Upon enquiry that why didn’t she ask for a leave today she replies that she was afraid of asking for a leave and did not want to fail me and the team.

You are a nice person at heart and become concerned that how harsh you have been to your team in the past few days. You decide to change this situation.

What actions will you take and why?