EPFO Test Series 2020

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StudyVillae offers you EPFO EO/AO exam 2020 preparation strategy and test series. The Test Series will cover all the syllabus of the EPFO exam including current affairs. The questions in the tests will be UPSC standard which involves Level-1 (easy), Level-2 (moderate) and Level-3 (Tough). The Test Series consists of 14 tests each having 100 MCQs. There are 10 module tests and 4 Full-Length tests. The price of each test is 100 Rs. only.

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EPFO EO/AO Exam Preparation Test Series 2020

1EPFO-10102-02-2020Indian Freedom StruggleClick here to Attempt 
2EPFO-10222-02-2020Indian PolityClick here to Attempt
3EPFO-10313-03-2020Indian EconomyClick here to Attempt 
4EPFO-10402-04-2020Social Security in India.Click here to Attempt 
5EPFO-10522-04-2020General Mental Ability & Quantitative Aptitude.Click here to Attempt 
6EPFO-10612-05-2020General Science & knowledge of Computer applicationsClick here to Attempt 
7EPFO-10701-06-2020Industrial Relations & Labour Laws.Click here to Attempt 
8EPFO-10821-06-2020General Accounting Principles.Click here to Attempt 
9EPFO-10911-07-2020General English- To evaluate the candidate’s understanding of English
language & workmanlike the use of words.
Click here to Attempt 
10EPFO-11031-07-2020Current Events and Developmental Issues.Click here to Attempt 
11EPFO-11120-08-2020Full-Length Test-1Click here to Attempt 
12EPFO-11209-09-2020Full-Length Test-2Click here to Attempt 
13EPFO-11319-09-2020Full-Length Test-3Click here to Attempt 
14EPFO-11429-09-2020Full-Length Test-4Click here to Attempt